Hi, my name is Caylin. I am 15 years old and I am writing to you from Germany.

My story is really amazing thanks to the people who helped me are still helping me accomplish my dreams.

We planned my stay in Germany for a while before I came here. I honestly swear I also stressed as much as Aunty Dez, Gail and Aunty Cheryl. I was starting to get/have doubts. Well, I thought I won't be coming anymore due to problems with my visa and passport. Cheri Jaftha (Cheryl's daughter) and I sold muffins at school to pay for the passport application. Aunty Dez's son, Luca, paid for my flight by using his baptism money. Many different people helped out. Ma (our mom) took time to drive me where I needed to go, whether it was for the passport photos or to collect my visa. She didn't mind. Aunty Cheryl, Aunty Dez and Aunty Gail also helped by getting my documents and paperwork done. They made it happen. All of the sisters, family and friends were there when I needed them.

Germany is great so far. The school is great, the people are great and simply just being here is great. I have got to say, luck is on my side.

I have been to Belgium and the Netherlands on class trips. And I really had fun. I have gotten to know new people and learnt valuable lessons. I have seen how different people are compared to me. For example, the girls and boys seem very mature for their ages but they know right from wrong. They are big too, as in tall. It seems like the people trust their kids enough to let them go out and have fun and knowing that you should be careful. For me, they, well most of the people, are environmental-friendly. They recycle their glass, paper, tins, etc. They ride bicycles instead of driving so much. Even the elderly in their 50's or early 60's.

I never in my life imagined riding on a bicycle to school and wherever I go. And I mean, I can just close my eyes for a second and open it... and boom, you see a bicycle. Maybe I am exaggerating, but I am telling the truth about seeing many bicycles here.

My host family is really great. We have fun together and I mean great fun. They make me feel like I am part of the family and that makes me love them very much. They really care about me and I wouldn't want to disappoint them or anyone else. All I can do is pray and work hard.

I spent my first holiday in Switzerland with my best friend Cheri, Aunty Dez and Uncle Marc. I had fun and loved every moment of it. Cheri and I went to Zurich for a day and we had our crazy moments. But most of the time I made the most of it.

In life, if you try to have fun and work hard, you will accomplish many things.

For me, itis a great experience to have a chance to come here and see the world. Just because people think that going to another country/continent will change your attitude towards your environment, doesn't mean that it is so. As much as I like it here, I wouldn't want to go a life time without South Africa. Getting to be here is great and to see and know that other kids can have the same chances is a good feeling. It will show the kids/teenagers that you do get different ways of living but it doesn't mean that it will change you. You are who you are adn you make your own choices. And it is good to be able to see places and still know that you have a home to get back to in South Africa and that is the best feeling. Have fun while it lasts.

I just wnat to say thank you to ALL the people who are there for me and who care about me... Thank you