Caylin is 15 years old and she has lived at The Ark since she was 7 years old.  She attends the Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt through the generosity of sponsors from Germany. Caylin is hardworking and through her hardwork, she is trying to better herself and her circumstances. 

With the help of donations from friends and family, CDC was able to pay for Caylin's flight, visa, and passport, thus enabling Caylin to get to Germany. With the continued generosity of the host family, Caylin has a home in Bremen for the duration of the exchange program. She is attending the Oekumenische Gymnasium Bremen.  The school generously waived the school fees, thus allowing Caylin to attend. In her first week at school, Caylin went on a school boat trip on the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands. Caylin completed her 6 months in Germany, returned to Cape Town and two years later completed her South African matric certificate. Through the continued generosity of her host family, Caylin can study in Germany at the University of Bremen.